Maintaining a pleasant and neat appearance for any commercial business that serves the public is critical. It's important for customers to feel comfortable in your business, and there's no surer way to make them uncomfortable than to have a dirt or stick floors or soiled dirt on the fabrics of your sitting chairs or booth Benches and of course, commercial enterprises require their Cleaning Service to service them when they are not serving customers, and Velasco's TX is ready to work according to each business's schedule. Also, there's no worrying about the financial strength and diligence of Velasco's TX we carry plenty of general Liability Insurance for its business services. Due to the many variables of servicing commercial locations, Velasco's TX wants to consider all possible cost-savings to offer your business the most competitive pricing. Please feel free to Call us for a free estimate today. Velasco's TX has an established reputation in cleaning carpets, floorsand cleaning and anycontratcor services in homes throughout Austin and the surrounding area, but did you know Velasco's TX provides the same services for commercial properties as well? Commercial
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